Julien M. "I have been complaining about limited hip rotation and how I couldn't play soccer as well as I used to. After a few sessions with Heidi, my flexibility increased and now I'm back to scoring goals. It was a miraculous improvement."
--Julien M. (age 14)
Soccer Player
Micaya "I have been Dr. Laws' hip hop dance teacher for many years. She treats me for my scoliosis which really helps with the spasms I get in my back and neck. Her adjustments help me to be able to continue teaching her the hottest moves in my classes. She is fabulous!"
Dance Teacher/Choreographer/Producer
Matias "When I arrived to Hawaii for the IronMan World Championships, I'd been battling illio-tibial band friction syndrome and could barely run. With the help of Dr. Law, I ended up posted a personal best for the distance! The Active Release Techniques were just what I needed to loosen up by IT band."
--Matias Palavecino
(Washington DC), Iron Man Triathlete
Markus "Heidi, thanks for your great job in front of the IRONMAN World Championship on Hawaii. With your experience and your golden hands you saved me Dr. Law at the start for the Ironman race 2007. My problem was the left shoulder and since your work on it, it feels perfect. Thank you again and regards from the other side of the world, Austria!"
--Markus Strini- Professional Triathlete, Best Austrian Pro, Hawaii Ironman 2007 finisher
Kari " Dr. Law's ART work on my hips and illio-tibial (IT) bands has brought me off the sidelines and back onto the soccer field. I've been playing soccer for over thirty years, and with Dr. Law's help, I'm looking forward to another thirty more!"
Alan P. My recreational Salsa career was at the unfortunate end of it's road, and I was frustrated (although others were relieved:) My left arm/shoulder had been painfully hurt when my partner lost her balance and she was falling so I immediately held her up with my arm extended way over my shoulder. And so, miserable and hurt, I went on an odyssey to find a cure... with little success.... Read more.
--Alan P.
Susan B. " I have been seeing Dr. Law for over 8 years. She is a wonderful chiropractor who really cares about her patients. One of the things I like best about her is that she only sees one patient at a time, so she can devote her entire attention to you. She doesn't run in and run out - she spends between 20 and 30 minutes with each patient, giving them the care and treatment they need. She takes a very holistic approach, which I very much appreciate. And she's a very nice, warm and funny person too! Her office is warm, invititing and friendly, so it's always a pleasure to visit her!"
--Susan B
Ellie "Going to see Dr. Heidi Law is like sending my body to Confession. She gently but thoroughly makes all my body's sins give themselves up. I leave feeling whole and completely absolved. The only "penance" I'm asked to perform is to use my bones and muscles more mindfully. While no Church is involved, I leave "born again."
--Ellie C.
Francey "I have stenosis, the closing down of the vertebral canal. Dr Law's adjustments have kept me from pain for several years.
--Francey C.
Wendy "I was lucky enough to find Dr. Heidi Law back in 2005. I have had problems with my back and neck for many years. Also, I am a hair stylist so I need regular care to keep my body balanced and pain free.
I had experienced chronic pain in my back and especially in my neck for many years up to the point I met Dr. Law. Shortly after she started treating me on a regular basis the chronic pain was gone, and I continue to feel balanced and pain free. Considering the strain my body is constantly under I need to continue regular chiropractic care, but I feel better than I have in years and I'm much more in tune with my body.
Not only do I find Dr. Law very compassionate about her work and her patients, but she is highly skilled. She does adjustments on me, but she also takes it many steps further by doing soft tissue work, Active Release Technique, and various other techniques - she is so well rounded I know she can help me with any issue that comes up, and this is invaluable.
Thank you so much for your care, Dr. Law."
--Wendy D.
Erick T. " I've been a patient of Dr. Law for three years now. As a personal trainer and competitive Triathlete and cyclist, I put my body under tremendous work loads everyday. Dr. Law's combination of Chiropractic Care and Active Release Technique has enabled me to continue pushing my body to its limits without any long term breakdown or injuries. I would refer Dr.Law to any one looking for a better quality of life and comfort, and especially for athletes looking for an edge or recovering from an injury."
--Erick T.
Jan C. "Dr. Heidi Law has been treating me for TMJ Syndrome and neck pain. Her treatments have helped me 100% and I now experience very little or no pain at all. Every time I leave her office I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and full of energy."
--Jan C.
Sharon S. "Dr. Law's gentle technique, along with her wit and endless creative energy, has restored my confidence in Chiropractic as my alternative healing and maintenance practice for chronic pain from Scoliosis and TMJD."
--Sharon S.
Gena at 30 weeks "When I found out I was pregnant I was thrilled to know that I could continue to get Chiropractic care during this time. The experience has been great, and I attribute the lack of many unpleasant pregnancy related symptoms to my chiropractic care during this time. I strongly believe receiving regular treatments has prevented a great number of issues during my pregnancy including; symptoms of nausea and headaches. Additionally, I had severe Sciatica with my first pregnancy and I have had no issue at all this time around. Over all back pain, neck pain and general discomfort from the extra weight has been alleviated thanks to Dr. Law and her practice. I sleep better, rarely have heartburn, and have had only one case of leg cramps during my entire pregnancy. This has been a tremendous blessing during my pregnancy and I highly recommend Dr. Law and her practice."
--Gena S.
Marie J. " Dr. Law was recommended to me by my massage therapist several years ago to adjust and re-align my body. The techniques she uses have relaxed my back muscle spasms, aligned my posture, straightened my hips and kept them from rotating and released my overworked neck and thumbs from pain (my hobby is ceramics).
Both of my sons have had a torqued neck which is a painful experience of muscle spasms. Dr. Law has worked with both of them and eased their spasms, gave them adjustments and told them how to do exercises to strengthen their backs and improve their posture.
My husband has also been to Dr. Law and his first time was an emergency visit. He was in severe pain with his back and neck muscles in spasm from bad habits with his posture and lifting. Dr. Law worked on him for thirty minutes while he was sitting because any other position was not possible and too painful. She then eased him into a lying position on the table and spent another half hour calming the spasms. After a series of treatments and some helpful tips on how to sit and lift, my husband was much better and very grateful. We misuse and overuse our bodies, so from and time to time we need a "tune up" from Dr. Law. I try to go at least once a month. "
--Marie J.
Donald J. "My wife and I would like to express our appreciation for the excellent care that you provided me. I suffered with pain in my right arm that kept me from sleeping at night. Many nights I would get up and set in a chair for an hour or more before the pain would go away. On my first treatment with you I was able to get a good nights rest for the first time in many weeks.
I also had problems with wrist pain. Occasionally the pain kept me awake at night. Your suggestion of a wrist brace solved that problem. I now very seldom need to use the wrist brace to get a good nights rest.
My wife and I would like to express our deep appreciation for your excellent care.
--Donald & Evelyn J.
Bob R. "I want to say how helpful Dr Heidi Law has been in treating me over the years. I have a number of lifestyle requirements that tend to be pretty stressful on my body. Between long office hours at a computer terminal, or long meetings seated in uncomfortable chairs, or business travel in coach seats, or nagging sports injuries, I sometimes wind up in pain that limits me. I've found that whether the pain is in my back, neck, shoulders, elbows, or hands, Dr. Law can really help.
I must say that for me personally, Heidi is just the right mix of professional and personal. She creates an environment that is very appealing, comfortable, and healing."
--Bob R.
Paul M. "Last year, I developed Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis and a heel spur in my right foot. After four months of visits to my podiatrist for therapy, there still was no improvement. In fact, it became even worse. On a routine visit to Heidi for maintenance on my back, I had made comment on the problems I was having with my foot. She informed me that besides chiropractic, she also does Active Release work (ART) for my type of injury. The results were immediate and after a series of ART treatments, I am virtually pain free. Words cannot express the difference she has made in my life. Heidi, thank you for giving me my health back."
--Paul M.
Dino "In 1995 I had a stroke that completely paralyzed my right side. After one year of intensive care at rehabilitation centers I recovered partial mobility of the right arm and leg but I still had major problems walking and my right hip was hurting because of the imbalance in my steps. One of my friends suggested Dr. Heidi Law and I started chiropractic treatment for my hip, back, and neck. The treatments not only improved my hip and my walking but also my overall balance. I continue Dr. Law's expert treatments once a month and I slowly continue to improve. Thank you very much Heidi!"
-- Dino M.
Ellen I am a Registered Dental Hygienist and have been a patient of Dr Heidi Law for almost six years. I met Dr Law along with a Massage Therapist and an Acupuncturist when I began having trouble with my neck, back and wrist. Between seeing Dr Law and my Massage Therapist each once a month for "maintenance", I have been able to work relatively pain free over the years. A job like mine can really take a toll on your body, but Dr. Laws treatments and techniques have made it possible for me to continue with the work I love."
Thank you Dr Law