My recreational Salsa career was at the unfortunate end of it's road, and I was frustrated (although others were relieved:) My left arm/shoulder had been painfully hurt when my partner lost her balance and she was falling so I immediately held her up with my arm extended way over my shoulder. And so, miserable and hurt, I went on an odyssey to find a cure... with little success.


I tried self medicating. The Rombauer 2003 Chardonnay seemed the best but the results were unpredictable. I tried physiotherapists, masseurs, my personal physician and a San Rafael orthopedic surgeon. He diagnosed me with a type 3 Acromion and prescribed surgery. I got as far as the pre-op exam but work got in the way of the surgery date. I saw a total of seven practitioners for this problem.


Then Dr. Heidi Law saw me at a salsa club and asked me what was going on with my shoulder. After watching me move it and listening to my brief history, she flatly contradicted Dr. B***y's diagnosis and offered up the possibility of the diagnosis "Adhesive Capsulitus". She explained that she had taken an advanced course in Active Release Therapy: ART and that there have been specific techniques developed just for this problem.


I visited this web site and was impressed by real athletes' testimonials, and started treatment right away. The immediate results were a complete surprise to me. Heidi identifies the problem area, treats it directly and the results are permanent. No general fuzzy-kinda feeling-a-bit-better. Her results with my shoulder has been(and measurably)so good that I've had her move on to my lower back now which has been a problem for many years and had put me in Marin General for a week once and utterly debilitated me numerous other times. It used to feel like my lower back had one of those animal leg traps inserted sideways across me, like jagged teeth sitting on jagged teeth, and now after chiropractic treatment, it feels more like a wide pad sitting on a wide pad. My back pain is the result of a lifetime of problems but it’s more stable now. I now have more mobility and a new confidence.


For what it's worth, I personally have had little faith in "alternative" medicine, nor in chiropractors in general, and I don't spend my money on "pixie-dust” pills and quackery. My trust in Dr. Heidi Law has been well rewarded. Consider for a moment my hugely reduced use of Ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatories and the concomitant beneficial result to my body. I can dance again and raise my arm above my head to turn even my tallest partners. I tell everyone how great Dr. Law is. Her results are permanent and verifiable.